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"Housing Northwest is the largest quick-sale property buying company in UK!"

Our Objective

Housing Northwest is one of the most renowned names in the realm of quick property sale across UK. Having facilitated thousands of instant property sales over the last couple of years, we have earned an impeccable reputation of being highly professional, reliable and living up to all our promises, despite all odds. Our clients look up to us with gratitude because we have helped them in the time of need, and offered them the highest market value for their property, well within the time period that was promised to them.

Quick and Genuine Valuation of Your Property

When you are dealing with Housing Northwest, you can be rest assured that there is nothing that is concealed from you. All our dealings are fair, transparent and proclaimed to you from the very beginning. For every property sale that we deal with, be it an independent house sale, an apartment sale, a beach house sale, an office space sale and so on, we follow the same standard operating procedure. This involves a visit to the said property by our valuation team within 24 hours, and after conduction of the professional valuation, we put forth to you the value that we are ready to pay for your house in a written offer format. While other buyers would simply quote the price verbally, we are very clear about our intentions from the very outset, and let you know the same on our first meeting. Only if you are satisfied with the price, do we proceed further. Please note that getting your house valuated from us does not necessarily mean that you need to sell it to us. We want you to have a hassle-free selling experience. To get in touch with our valuation team, please give us a call right away!

No Obligations, No Hidden Fees, Instant Cash for Your House

The condition of the property that you intend to sell or the reasons why you want to sell them is not important for us. What matters most is that if you wish to sell the property on an urgent basis, then we are ready to purchase your house fast, and giving you a genuine cash offer for the same, without any unnecessary fees or obligations attached to it in any manner. You might assume that the estate agent fees might be involved which we would disclose at a later stage, but that is definitely not the case with Housing Northwest. Not only do we assure you of a fast completion date, we also provide you with free legal assistance and will take care of all the paperwork for you. If you are interested in selling your property swiftly and getting cash immediately, do contact us right away!

Best Price for Your House

The value that you will receive for your house will undoubtedly be the best in the market. This is because of our vast expertise and experience in this business, and our commitment to provide our valued clients with the best offer.




Beware of Hidden Fees and Dubious Offers from Unscrupulous Buyers. Sell your House to Housing Northwest today!